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Political Self Empowerment with Personal Technology

Please note that the EBMC will be closed for the holiday and I couldn't get the keys in time...  However, we found a suitable location in San Francisco at Cafe International at 508 Haight St at Fillmore at 3PM PST.  Vlad, myself and Human will have the new location up and running with laptops, personal tech, offshore VPN nets, and a smorgasboard of tech tools and business models, which we will make available to SF Bay Area activist groups lacking the training and resources for self empowerment through politcal action...

People's Media Team

People Media Team

People'a Medi Flow Chart

The chart is editable, and translations into other languages are welcomed.

GlobalRevolution.tv Co-Founder Bound for SF (Rescheduled)


{The Citizen Joutnalism Symposium has been rescheduled to Saturday, November 30th, 2013; 3-6PM; 1939 Addison; Berkeley, CA)

Live Stream Expert, Vlad Teichberg, co-founder of GlobalRevolution.TV and Occupy Wall Street tactical analyst, will be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area after spending the past year in the streets of Spain, South Africa, Turkey, and domestically in New York, Chicago and D.C.; tirelessly training front-line activists on the spot reporting; often generously equipping and providing expert tech support, energetically live streaming on the barricades wherever geopolitical conditions provide the most genuine opportunity for overcoming the conditions of poverty and oppression to live in a freer, more equitable society.

Wienie Roast at Stoopid-visor Scott's

Sponsored by OSF Action Council, about 20 activists braved gale winds and cold temps for a "wiener roast" on the Castro doorstep of Supervisor Wiener's 17th St apartment building. Wiener sponsored a mean-spirited law banning folks from sleeping in SF city parks bet. 10 PM to 5 AM. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/freemansullivan



Greater Good Food Fair

Greater Good Food Fair

This October 26 in Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco will host the first ever Greater Good Food Fair to celebrate real food, free of genetic modification.  Organized by Label GMOs SF and Slow Food San Francisco, and sponsored by Vital Systems, Slow Food San Francisco, Rainbow Grocery, and Bi-Rite, the Greater Good Food Fair will celebrate the leaders, retailers, and organic farmers who are cultivating social responsibility with their work and practices

Setting Up Your Live Stream Channel

Basically, the only tools needed to begin live streaming is an Android/iOS smartphone, a live stream client app from the company whose server you'll be uploading to (Ustream, Livestream, Bambuser, etc.), a web browser to register and maintain your live stream channel URL and the browser or social media apps to share information about your live streams to build an audience.

To Begin:

  1. Register online for a Ustream or Bambuser account.
  2. Download and install the live stream app from iOS App Store or Google Play on your smartphone
  3. Minimum OS
    1. Android 1.2 or later.
    2. iOS 4.3 or later. (More about this in a later post.


Responsibilities and Ethics

Seek and Present Truth / Share Awareness / Catalyze Creativity / Build Consensus / Think Independently / Act Collectively / Be Accountable

Focus MandalasAny person who is considering live streaming should be aware of their responsibilities as a citizen journalist. A good place to start is the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. However many, if not most live streamers started because of their dissatisfaction with MSM (mainstream media).

Since live streams happen in real-time, it is not a report, but a proactive presentation. Its purpose is to instantaneously share an experience, as it happens, between interested parties in the real and virtual worlds. In order to encourage the flow of information back and forth, a diligent effort which accurately conveys circumstances past, present and potential--- of the place, the participants, and politics, pro and con --- to provide a perspective of the present that is publicly provocative and personally evocative.


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